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1. Yes, Dave. Kid needs a little coaching on dealing with wind from this guy: - 1 week ago
2. <rant> How can they possibly have not known those windows would break? I mean 0 for 2? I am assuming that was part of the publicity stunt. People on the internet say the glass team should be fired...I would argue the guy on stage should be fired if he didn't know for sure that was going to go as planned. There was quite a bit about this that seemed like amateur hour. </rant> - 1 week ago
3. I admit I did not watch it all (partly because what I did watch was not giving me new or interesting information.) I for one am glad my phone knows where I am, guides me where I want to go, keeps me connected to cell towers, and can guide emergency services to me if I am in deep trouble. I sure do NOT want to have to approve what my phone is doing “on a connection by connection basis”. (Geez, who has time for THAT?) If I want to be incognito I can turn my phone’s cell, WiFi, and location services off. I do agree that there needs to be transparency and the ability to opt out and that there should not be anyone watching me or listening to me without my consent. But many (most?) people are willing to sacrifice some amount of privacy for convenience. And by some amount I mean the small amount inherent in, say, Google knowing where my phone is, or that my phone’s Identifier is near cell tower X. I do think there is an argument that folks like Google should make it more obvious what they are collecting and make sure you are ok with that. What concerns me more is that google keeps trying to sell me what I bought yesterday. Hello!?!? I just bought it. I’m not going to buy it again!!! - 2 weeks ago

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